RoomWizard scheduling system

  • RoomWizard allows spaces, rooms or even collaborative settings to be managed either from the intuative touch pad or through integration with online software.

  • 7″ capacitive touch screen – adjust room reservation or grab a room for an impromptu meeting
    Status lights – red or green lights show availability
    Start button – automatically release a room if occupants do not show up
    Use RoomWizard as a stand-alone system, or seamlessly book rooms with an existing reservation system such as Microsoft® Outlook®, Lotus Notes®, Google Calendar® or other software systems
    Roomwizard records room occupancy and reservation patterns, then generate reports to provide insight into space utilization
    Manage, configure, and monitor all RoomWizards from a single interface
    Built-in web server allows users to find and reserve a room from any network PC

  • Finishes: N/A

    : 206mm W x 130mm H x 57mm D with a 7" screen size
    Weight: 450g

    6 week lead time

    3 year warranty

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