Framery 2Q

  • Framery 2Q is an acoustic multi-functional meeting space, suitable for up to 6 people. Perfect for larger team meetings, video conference meetings and collaboration or co-working sessions. Framery 2Q allows for improved communication amongst teams without disturbing the office or the office disturbing you. Easy to assemble and relocate with multiple colour and furnishing options to select from.

  • Only uses 6.58m2 of space and superior sound insulation no matter how noisy the office. Like the Q it comes with sound control laminated glass front and back allowing full visibility. Quality materials inside and out and includes everything you need for the task at hand. The unique power column allows for 3x power sockets and twin USB fast charge and automated LED lighting. Optional meeting table complete with HDMI. The 2Q is designed to allow for a acoustic, flexible space that can adapt to an organisations needs. The 2Q has an option without furniture, leaving the option to furnish how you like.

  • Finishes:Exterior- 14 x different paint colours. Interior upholstery-12x assorted colours. Interior table- 12x assorted Formica colours

    Dimensions: External-2220mm H x 2350mm W x 2800mm D. Internal- 2000mm H x 2150mm W x 2670mm D. Multiple additional options- contact us to find out more

    12-14 week lead time

    2 year warranty

  • SCS Indoor Advantage™ Gold ISO 9001

    Good design award 218

    NeoCon 2015 – Gold

    IDC Innovation award 2016

    London design award 2015- Silver

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